Freckboy bad spirit



Out of my life, bad spirit out of my life, bad spirit out of my life (humhu) out of my life.
Because you I can sleep, because you of I can eat, because of you I can dream (heaa) because I got drunk,
You promise that you will never live me, you promised that you will be there for me what have I done wrong that make you turn me down,and been looking other guys

Cos, if want money I give you the money, you want love, I give you the love be my honey make you my mummy, I don’t want to stress you just be my padi,(owooo) out of my life bad spirit out of my life bad spirit out of my life (humhu)out of my life, you’re making feel hurry able what have I don’t to you making search on this mood,

I just want to be your spider man ride and die play your short cos I stand a player, o Jennifer call me back, u you can call me rastaman I am not a back stabber, stabbing on my friends back is OK, dance OK Jennifer new face, new face cappello Jennifer broke my heart say jaraaa, cock and shot as a rasta man shot it ehehe) this kind girl me I never see broke my heart shabi I don see.
Hohuhuhooo no no no, I don’t need you no more hohuhuho go away go way, go away eh, eh eh, (flows beat.)



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