I woke up this morning around 6:am to see about 30 missed calls on my both lines, most of the numbers folks i haven’t talked with for donkey years, some from my very close buddies from school, the gang of 7 we call ourselves, immediately i became worried.
Quickly i placed a call to one of the numbers and i was asked to check Emma’s status, i did and what i saw was mind boggling, “REST IN PERFECT PEACE EMMANUEL OKIKECHUKWU EVANS OCHIOTU”, accompanied with his picture was what i saw, fear gripped, but I had hoped maybe this was a prank taking too far or just maybe someone had hacked his phone.
I opened my Facebook app to see if any news was posted on his timeline and boom a suicide note was what i saw, how can, Kporica, strong man, ginger master and the preacher’s son take his own life, not even the script writers from Zee World or Africa Magic could have written this!
Without wasting time, i started calling Emma’s number, he didn’t pick up, tried and tried no answer, next thing i had to call his immediate younger sister, she too was just waking up and had no idea, after plenty calls i landed at the central hospital Warri, as i was stepping into the accident and emergency unit, the news that greeted me was, KPORICA DON DIE!
I have been in shock over the mysterious death of my mother, but this one shocked me even more, the Kporica i know, the one who stayed with me during our third year in school, the ginger master, even if the whole prophet in the world gathered to tell he was capable of committing suicide, never i will scream in response!
In my near 4 decade on earth now, i have only missed one yule tide season with my family, and it was spent with Emma and his family, that was such a huge sacrifice for me to make, i did it because of how close and dear Kporica was to me, so to hear that such a sweet soul could take his own life is what i am yet to fathom.
Yes, no doubt we all face issues everyday, but everyone should know challenges are part of life, i was telling someone yesterday like i have always done in recent times that don’t conclude about someone’s conduct, until you are placed in similiar position because it’s only then you will know what you are capable of, still suicide is never an option, think of your loved ones and the trauma they will go through.
To you my bro, we will judge you not, go well and rest in perfect peace and may you find that everlasting peace you seek!
Rest well blood!!
My head has been aching since morning, i have been trying to decipher why a young man in his prime will end his life just like that and the only person that could have shed more light to this, his fiancee, she too went with him.
This life is just too sweet to throw away, if someone had offered to save my mum, any amount of money requested, i would have left no stone unturned in searching for it, but here is someone full of life with so much potential ending his own life, how ironic!
No matter what bothers or troubles you, someone is actually going through worse, your situation is not the worse so speak up so you can get help, taking your own life is a very selfish thing to do as there are people behind who will suffer even more!
I never expected that Kporica who was like my own younger bro, whom we both lived together, ate together, drank together and jollied together, Kporica who is always the life of the party with his funny dance steps, someone who has the fear of God in him, that same Kporica will be bold enough to end his own life, i know things really do happen but i never believed someone this close to me, who knows no matter how bad or difficult the situation is, i am the go to guy, the one who will always be available to not only listen but look for ways to profer solutions, will ever be capable of this, all the same i won’t judge him, only God knows what truly happened!
Again i reiterate no matter your situation, SUICIDE IS NEVER AN OPTION, speak to someone today.
To you my dear bro, though you have left us very broken, sad and confused, i pray that your soul finds the rest and peace it seeks!

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