Thursday, September 23, 2021



Fundamental Greetings to all our Esteemed Members across the Country.

Firstly, l want to use this Medium to Congratulate everyone of us who have found him/her self down to this Great Body, saying a very Big Congratulations to us all because finding ourselves here is not by our Power but the Grace of God which have Manifest in our Lives.

Sequel to our Leader and Chairman BOT PDP-NYM Comr. *JUDE GABRIEL IMAGWE* Speech from a Zoom Meeting with National,Zonal and State Executives which was so Remarkable and Vast. We believe that this Movement just want to start Functioning inline with it’s Norms and Ethics.
I will like to implore us all to put all our possible best in making sure that our various Capacity Offices is not been vacuum.

All our Sacrifices today have a Great Reward tomorrow. We all have a big Role to play and we just have a Short Time Frame to Achieve all this.

I will advise us that out of our tight schedule, let us all try to contribute our little Quota and efforts in all ramifications towards the Growth and Development of this Great Movement.

With Love and Unity everything is Achievable. God Almighty will grant us all the Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding in discharging our Duties…

Thanks and God bless you all…..

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