Thursday, September 23, 2021

Meeting with Governors of Southern Nigeria-Security situation in the country

The Meeting with Governors of Southern Nigeria, was held on July 5th, 2021,  on the  reviewed of the security Situation in the country; the ongoing constitutional amendments; and the recent passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill by the 9th National Assembly. On these issues, we reached the following resolutions:

1. That all arrests and prosecutions must be made within the ambit of the law and fundamental human rights;
2. That we must look into the establishment of state police structures to address issues of insecurity across the nation;
3. That Wednesday, 1st September 2021 shall be set aside for the promulgation of the anti-open grazing law in all Member States.

Additionally, we:

1. Rejected the proposed 3% allocation for host communities that was passed by the Senate, and recommend the adoption of the 5% allocation that was passed by the House of Representatives;
2. Reject the proposed removal of the electronic transmission of results clause from the ongoing amendment to the electoral act; and
3. Resolved that the next President of Nigeria should come from the Southern part of the country in the interest of equity and fairness.

As we work to consolidate our democracy, we will continue to remain united on these key issues that affect all our people.

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